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Tinarastic is about making the world a better place through storytelling and gameplay.

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Tinarastic at the BuzzConf technology festival

2015The first year of BuzzConf

At BuzzConf's inauguration year Tinarastic held its first Minecraft workshop. With 3 new worlds created for the festival there was no lack of excitement:

Race World; a race for the win
Treasure Hunt; find the reward
Building World; build what you want

2016A second round of fun

Legend has it that the old pirate Steve stashed his treasures in a secret cave but the only trace of where it might be can be found in some obscure text in an old book. Will you be able to solve the puzzles and find the treasure? Download the map.

2017Minecraft & Scratch

This year we will be hosting a squid and stampy style building competition as well as a Scratch Game Development for kids workshop. For the minecraft workshop let us know you minecraft name and we will invite you to join our Realm. For the Scratch workshop go to our Scratch page at and look at the Helicoper Pilot project. The instructions are there but the images you can find here.

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